Inclusion, Education and Health

ENV’s inclusion, education and health sector practices support organizations and partnerships to improve outcomes for youth and citizens at large. Our clients work with us to address issues from education to economic development, access to justice and healthcare – we combine the best of our private-sector expertise with a deep understanding of the social and public sectors to unlock sustainable change and achieve enduring results for our clients.

Our expertise

Banking on our team’s inter-sector expertise, ENV provides consulting services in the following macro areas:


“We assist organizations with framing strategies to strengthen the impact of education on communities and citizens, enable youth to develop confidence, attitude, skills and knowledge to make informed decision in life, and expose them to teamwork, leadership and critical thinking”

People living in poverty cannot afford to send their children to school, who are often forced to work to support their family. Parents are commonly illiterate and unable to provide educational support when lacking the means to sustain the cost of their children’s education. ENV assists organization with framing strategies to ensure education for all, leaving no child behind, transforming the delivery of education in marginalized communities and fragile contexts, educate parents to spill knowledge over children and vice versa, and expose youth to teamwork, leadership and critical thinking.

Access to Justice

“Our team lends its expertise to frame legal aid policies, bills and strategies and enhance access to justice for the vulnerable, especially women and children”

Inadequate access to justice is a major issue internationally, and in some countries the growth of inequality and decline of state support have worsened the situation. For vulnerable groups such as children and women, the full picture regarding victims and witnesses is unknown and the lack of access to equitable justice systems and authorities that will make decisions in their best interests hampers the pursuit for justice. Climate justice is a rampant issue that requires concrete decision-making processes ensuring inclusive climate governance.  Our team lends its expertise to frame strategies assisting societies and governments to implement environmental rights obligations, move beyond a culture of compliance to one where environmental rights are championed. ENV supports clients in designing actions and strategies that underpin indigenous systems, alternative and community-based dispute resolution, and rights-based restorative justice.


“ENV assists clients with designing strategies to protect and promote health as a human right for all, bringing basic health services closer and enabling self-monitoring through digital solutions”

At least half of the world’s population cannot obtain essential health services and each year, large numbers of households are being pushed into poverty because they must pay for health care out of their own pockets. It is estimated that less than 5% of people living in urgent need of antiretroviral treatment currently use these treatments in the developing world. Yet care constitutes an effective entry point and a key element for effective prevention. ENV assists clients with designing strategies to build local research capacities and set patients in the centre, bringing care closer and enabling self-monitoring through digital solutions.

Economic development

“We offer expertise in boosting entrepreneurial ecosystems, enabling impact investment for critical services, and promoting community-led NRM and environmental conservation in support of inclusive economic development”

Advanced, emerging and developing countries alike face constraints to stable and inclusive economic growth. Especially in the developing world, obstacles include poor to non-existent infrastructures, uneducated human capital, corruption and poor governance, declining terms of trade, and savings gap to mention but a few. ENV helps clients formulate policies and strategies that support sustainable and inclusive economic development by boosting entrepreneurial ecosystems, enabling impact investment for critical services, and fostering the creation of jobs. We provide vocational training and skills development in both formal sector and informal economy and promote community-led natural resource management and environmental conservation.

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